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How Do Dupes Catch a Disease?

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This has nothing to do with Outbreak Update, I'm trying to understand the mechanics in the current build and then attempt to control which dupes get disease and which ones don't.

Is it just a percentage chance for each moment spent in polluted oxygen? If so, what is that percentage chance?

Do Trench Stench and The Spores have different probabilities, or is it basically a coinflip which disease a dupe gets first?

Does the density of the polluted oxygen matter?

Does standing near an infected duplicant increase the chance of getting a disease?

Does standing in polluted oxygen for a long period of time increase the risk of infection? In other words, is a minute in dirty air and a minute in clean air worse than quickly alternating between the two?


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Ok, since nobody is responding, it's time to bust out debug mode.


First disease (The Spores) occurs 3 minutes into the first run with 20 duplicants, Game is saved at this point (pictured above).

Next 5 minutes (run 10 times at alt-z speed): no disease, no disease, no disease, The Spores,  no disease,  The Spores/Trench Stench,  The Spores/Trench Stench,  no disease,  no disease, no disease

Duration: 50 minutes * 20 duplicants = 1000 dupe-minutes

Diseases: 3 Spores, 2 Stench = 5 diseases

Estimated rate of disease : 1 disease per 200 dupe-minutes, or 1 disease per 20 dupe-cycles.

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