Looking to Learn Coding for Modding {Willing to Trade Art or Look at Prices}


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I'm very interested in making my own mods, all types of them, but each time I get up the nerve to try I get overwhelmed pretty quickly. Even step by step tutorials kind of throw me off; I think I just learn best one on one.

I was hoping someone here could help me learn.

If need be, I'm not a bad artist and could probably offer art in return, we could talk that over-- or you know, whatever~

I'm also willing to look at prices, though I don't often have spare funds-- but if I have some extra I'd be willing to pay.

There are several mods I'd like to make but just off the top of my head, the more complicated one-- I would like to make some character mods with specific perks, items, buffs, and transformations.

On the simpler side, I just really want to make my own storage mod. :)

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