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Bug - tumbleweed causing player to get stuck on ocean

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General Info: playing Don't Starve pocket edition on iOS version 10.3.1 on iPad Air Pro

Bug details: When opening a tumbleweed near shoreline, if there is a moleworm inside and you try to pick it up, but you don't have space to hold it, the character gets pushed a bit. If too close to water, you get pushed onto the ocean, then are stuck and cannot get back onto land. This has happened to me three times! I can run around on the water but can't return to land. Died on water, then couldn't get my stuff back as I was now back on land but my items were stuck out on the water. Tried saving, exiting and restarting game while on water to see if it would put me back on land, but no luck.

Very frustrating, each time this happens I have to delete the current gameplay and start from scratch.




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