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Need more controls

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If this is supposed to be a game about HVAC/thermoregulation, then it needs to have MUCH MUCH more HVAC, and in general mechanical equipment.

I'm talking about:

Control valves - VAV's for gas

shutoff valves (the current ones are what are referred to as balance valves)

Check valves

Compressors - because compressed air piping is a thing, and for the refrigerant cycle (or at least give us a way compress gas beyond the allowed "max" capacity)

More pumps than just sump pumps - in real life sump pumps are only used to extract well water and protect against flooding, impeller pumps are used to actually move liquid around 99% of the time

Air dryers 

Filter media (deodorizers are stupid, I should be able to build an air handler, build filter media blocks and push air through it)

Speaking of pushing air - FANS (and I am not a FAN of the gas pump - because it's an exhaust fan IRL, and again, not used to move air 99% of the time)

Actual refrigerant gases/liquids - and along with that can we have the proper heat loss/gain associated with phase change? (also, this is why you need compressors)

Boilers ( or at least FIRE, so we can make boilers)

Space heater is stupid, instead we should be able to build our own heating coils out of wire, like we run electric wires, then apply electricity to it, piggybacking on that idea, heat tracing pipe for freeze protection.

Steam piping - high pressure steam should use different piping than HVAC (it is usually piped in same type of carbon steel piping that is used for water vessels)

Piping coils - both for heating and cooling

humidifiers (and dehumidifiers) (im maybe stretching here)


I understand that a lot of the fun of the game is designing your own "equipment" like chillers, cooling towers, and other bits and pieces to help your dupes survive. But I feel that the tools given to us right now are kind of handicapping us from doing all the cools stuff we can do.

I dont really care for the disease and other additional "features" in development right now. What I really want is more tools to pretend I'm an engineer in a videogame, because most of the top videos and fun surrounding this game right now is building cool contraptions that do stuff. So give us more stuff to do and more stuff do to stuff with stuff.


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