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Blurry on Samsung Tab A [bug?]

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This is an odd bug/issue.  On my PC the game is super sharp, the Pocket version on my Redmi Note 3 phone (5.5" screen 1920*1080 resolution, android 6), the game is also sharp, but the same Pocket version on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 (10.1", 1920*1200 resolution, android 7) the game is very blurry.

It's not just because the phone has smaller pixels either.  I can hold the phone much closer so the apparent size is the same as the tablet, and the difference is night and day, the tablet version looks awful.  Just look at the attached shot (directly captured).  The UI is sharp, the text is sharp, but the game view is blurry, the outlines on the characters and trees aren't crisp.  Look at Wilsons face.

Could be something to do with the screen on the tablet being 16:10 so the game is stretching the image rather than rendering with borders, or the game doesn't recognize the tablet hardware and is default to super low res version or something, I dunno.

Please Klei, load up the game on a 1920*1200 tablet and see what's going on.



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