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Help with projectile mod

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I used some code to give my character the ability to shoot fireballs without needing to equip a weapon. However, now I'm unable to plant things, since I'm using "right-click" to shoot the fireball. I'm hoping someone can possibly see where I screwed up and can help me fix my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciate fellow starvers!



(Note that I put this in my character's modmain folder.)

local CASTFIRE = AddAction("CASTFIRE", "Blast into Oblivion!", function(act)    
local projectile = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab("fire_projectile")    
projectile.components.projectile:Throw(act.doer, act.target)    
return true
CASTFIRE.rmb = true
CASTFIRE.distance = 10
AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson", GLOBAL.ActionHandler(GLOBAL.ACTIONS.CASTFIRE, "throw"))
AddPrefabPostInit("vegeta", function(inst)    
inst:DoTaskInTime(2, function()        
local self = inst.components.playeractionpicker        
self.rightclickoverride = function(inst, target, position)            
local actions = {}            
if target and target.replica.health and not (inst == target) then                
table.insert(actions, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.CASTFIRE)            
return self:SortActionList(actions, target)        

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