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Oxygen Not Included Multiplayer Update Idea

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Hello, I've been playing your game for about 2 months or so and I have to say I love it. I've tried to push my friends to get it but they don't want to due to the fact we can't play together. I was thinking of ways on how it could work and here are just a few ways multiplayer can be involved inside this game

First off, there is one host of the map. not an online server. Before you create the map it will give you the option on who you want to join you. You each choose 2 duplicates and load into the world. You share each jobs such as your duplicates can do the other players tasks. When a duplicate can be spawned it they must agree on which one they want and if they select it does a random choice of who did it. If the Host logs off then the other player can't play until he loads it up again and no new players can join.

My second idea is that the creating the map is the same with selecting who you want but instead you spawn in different areas and your duplicates are different than theirs, such as they don't do each others tasks. You can then build over and connect each others bases then can decided if you want to share resources, and duplicates, and again when host leave everyone must leave.

For both of these since there are more duplicates and more help I think it should be slightly more challenging. There should be slightly less resources, and slightly slower equipment and duplicates can get stressed faster. I think that the max players should be on the first idea 2 and on the other idea 4 so you can have more fun with friends. Personally I would love the second option a whole lot better but what ever you decided or even if this gets looked at or taken into consideration, I have a few more ideas for this game so if you'd like to look at them respond to this post.

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