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Recommendations for more user-friendly Prioritization

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1. It's aggravating having to click the little buttons in the bottom right to set priority level when in Prioritization View. Reprogram so, when in Prioritization View, pushing the number keys sets prioritization level rather than open one of the build menus as they currently do.

2. When in Prioritization View, clicking and dragging doesn't change Prioritization level of items pending sweep (or is this a bug?). It's very annoying having to click and prioritize individual items that need high priority sweeping. Make mass prioritization of pending sweeps possible.

3. Sometimes it's important to prioritize construction of structures behind (on same tile as) existing structures (e.g. building wires behind  algae terrariums). But changing Prioritization of the pending construction changes the prioritization of the already built structure since they share the same tile. This requires going back after construction is complete to reset the priority of the preexisting structure. Please create a way to break up the Prioritizations of pending builds and existing objects that are on the same tile. Maybe program first click: prioritize pending build only; second click: prioritize built structure only; third click: prioritize all objects on tile.

Love the game!


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