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[WIP] Windale & Bluebell: The Semi-Multiplayer Mod

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I'd been working on this for a while, and since I recently picked it back up, I figured I would make an account here and show it to you all. I'm sure something similar has been done before, but I haven't really bothered to look around for it. I'd rather do this as a learning experience for myself.

Anyhow, Windale & Bluebell is a mod that adds a character, Windale, alongside his niece, Bluebell, who actively follows him around. In a sense, it's like Don't Starve Together, but it's not. I've had a lot of ideas about what I'm going to do with this, but honestly, the mod is very rough and in very early development. In fact, as you can see in the screenshots I've attached, Windale is currently just Wilson while Bluebell is just a Wendy who does nothing. It is a lot of splicing code from the standard game and then finding ways to rework it and so far Bluebell in her entirety is a conjunction of Abigail, Pigmen, Lucy, and Wilson. All of the code is quite dirty. Like, dirtier than a beefalo in some places.

What Currently Works:

  • Windale and Bluebell spawn together from the start of the game.
  • She follows you around.
  • She has working hunger, health, and sanity.
  • She eats food.
  • She doesn't fight.
  • She vocalizes some stuff, like daytime changes and hunger.
  • Semi-random lines!
  • Her face does animate when talking- I just took those pictures with bad timing.
  • She wears hats!

What I Plan On Doing:

  • Add a whole bunch of lines, including conversations between the two.
  • Finish detailing lines involving starvation, health, and sanity.
  • Get her proper sleeping animations.
  • Obviously, get art done for the two.
  • Perhaps a custom intro.
  • Allow her to wander around on her own.
  • Get a working inventory for her!
  • Allow her to eat from her inventory and not have to be force fed.

These are the main things here:

  • Allow you to command her to stop or follow.
  • Have it to where she occasionally finds more items after harvesting berries, twigs, etc.
  • When she dies, Windale will also die- explaining this will take some work.
  • However, if Windale dies first, a day will pass and you will assume control of Bluebell somewhere safer. Intercepting death will be fun to mess with.
  • Give a sanity aura based on her current sanity.
  • Maybe allow Bluebell to resurrect Windale in some way or another. I'm iffy on this one.
  • You would be able to play her separately, without Windale, if you really want the challenge.


It's a lot of stuff, and it probably doesn't do it justice to put it in a bullet list, but it's easier for me like that. In terms of character abilities, Windale is likely going to be focused on doing work faster and growing a light beard while Bluebell is slower to do any work, hits weaker, has smaller bars, and really has no other benefit than perhaps being able to continue the game or perhaps resurrect Windale like I mentioned above. It also doesn't work with SW, but it's going to be a long time before

I'm not releasing any files or anything yet simply because the mod is unstable, unfun, and doesn't really do too much. But, if you have any questions, opinions, suggestions, comments, or the like, feel free to give them!

- Mervin






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18 hours ago, Mr.Cuddlesworth said:

Really interesting concept! Good luck with the new features! :p

Thanks, man! I've gotten the lines for starvation and health to work so far, and with a little bit of tweaking, they should be to a point I shouldn't need to mess with them anymore. I'll probably work on either the conversations or her Stategraph once I get it done.

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Took a break for a few days, mostly for Father's Day, and got back to working on the code some today. I decided to clean the Stategraph out and actually cleaned out some code that would cause crashes, (because I copied Wilson's stategraph). There's still a lot of unnecessary code in there such as Woodie's, Wolfgang, and Wes' code, but I'll get that later.

I've started looking at getting her to use the right sleeping animation, (and not stand upright), and I realized she might actually still be talking while asleep- this actually gave me the idea that I could put that towards having her actually sleeptalk some lines on occasion. Aside from that though, I'm still scouring the files to figure out what exactly makes the character enter the sleep animations.

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Did some recent work and to my success, she can sleep now! The bad part is, is that I'll have to make her a new animation because all of the existing ones in DS are not designed to be looped. I'm curious if I could simply rip the ones from DST, but for now she'll have to use the closest thing I have available which makes her look stunned on the ground. I'll get to fixing her speech a little more and add conversations by pulling some code from Lucy.

I've been a little held up recently due to AD&D and Pathfinder sessions, but I should be picking up the pace pretty soon.

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