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Can we hope for some community Q&A system like where players can ask questions and get some answers about game dynamics. It can simply be Devs making a post response on a thread about people discussing the thermodynamics aspect. On that example, we don't know what's being simulated (and left out). Things like phase changes (heat of fusion, condensation etc.), heat exchange (convection, conduction, radiation). Sometimes when planning systems like cooling bulk oxygen, they fail because certain physics seem to be left out. All that in-game productivity and resource loss actually killed my colony.

Perhaps through this exchange, Devs can draw inspiration on how players play (and would like to play the game). This being a computer simulation will always have a limit of computation power vs. realism. The ideal situation (for everyone) would be simulating realistically without costing computation power.

I understand it's Early Access but there are a lot of questions rather than answers for how the game mechanics works. I feel that understanding ONI better as a player will take out the frustration when trying to apply real world physics to the ONI universe. I am fully happy to use ONI physics but in order to do so, I want to be able understand it first.

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