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Geometric Placement Crashed Fix

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it happened IDK why IDK how but the "Geometric Placement" mod sometimes bug out and i couldn't find a fix so if you want a fix here are simple steps to get it to work  :-


Check if u have the lastest version of the game first .


1) make sure no other placement mods in the mods folder and it is very important

2) download any version you want from the Mod

3) go to the mod and select configure mod

4) scroll to the right and you will see ( Tighter chests ) and then turn it ( NO )

5) enjoy :D  if it helped you out let me know

IMPORTANT : Keep in mind if one mod crash and u click ( disable mods ) it will disable all mods so this might be why ur mods crash =D

try to lower everything to half if it still crashes . thanks

Excuse me for my bad English , and BYE =D



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