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Customization Option For Duplicants

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I would love to see a customization option for duplicants that involve setting only your stats, to the set stat you want, and to the quantity of that stat up to a maximum of 15 points, the max number of points to be  added to a specific stat should be 10-13 so that people dont just put 15 strength or 15 athletics. i have an idea how this could work: you pick the Customize option (as if there is one) and then it would give you an option of which duplicant skin you want, what that duplicants name would be, what stats it should have, and the only thing that is randomly generated here are the stress responses, the good traits (amphibious f.e.) and the bad traits (yokel f.e.) and your Decor Expectation will scale off of how many points you use out of 15. the less points you use, the lower your decor expectation, i know the agricultural update came out now as well and you could add similar mechanic that lets your food expectation scale off of how many points out of 15 you use. the less points you use, the lower your food expectation, for instance you choose 13-15 points and your food expectation will be -1, if you only use 8-13 your food expectation should be -2 and if you use 6 or less your food expectation should be -3. i'm trying to think of ways to make this easier, i hope this helps if you do ever implement such a system, in my eyes this looks balanced. and i do not attempt to fool anyone to the means of this feature, obviously i want to be able to control my duplicants' stats and skin generation without having to click randomize a hundred times (or more) for it to give me what i want :p and there's this whole mechanic that would, For Example, give you +13 cooking, yet your duplicant would be Gastrophobic (cannot cook) or +13 learning with the trait Yokel (cannot research). i think this feature would compensate for that and add more excitement to the game, since you're able to control character generation. for balance reasons, if you guys do ever consider this proposal i suggest making only your first 3 duplicants customizable, and the rest that will be printed afterwords should be randomly generated as it is now, because people could easily abuse this system if they have infinite duplicants to use it on.

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