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Micromanaging is not fun compared to diversited gameplay

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SO after hours of pre-alpha and hours of alpha content I can say I am a bit disappointed.... thought we would have more map types, and dangers, more mobs, some awesome gateways that lead to new and undiscovered areas, this focus on farming is great but it does not fill the enormous gap that is lacking in gameplay, yes making a cooling system to solidify co2 is fine and dandy but it lacks a lot (in my point of view) in gameplay, we need new regions... maby add a gatway that would (after many troubles) lead us to another asteroid that is harder or easyer... depending on point of view, maby have difrent physic and rules (that wouldn't be to surprising).......... micromanaging a colony is all good fun but ONI neads something more, there neads to be some goal and achievement.... I dont mean building a rocket to escape the asteroid coz I swear to god if you do that I quit :p

We need like a portal or two, leading us to more challenging and difficult world's or some expansion of the geezer and void, making them essential to all colony,  

What I would like to see is after you have researched all the utility junk, you will then research portals and traveling machines that would help you reach those unheard off regions, those regions would be far different from ours and maby have oxygen float downwards and co2 upwards, how about a world made out of lava were we would need to cool our base b4 making it a sustainable colony, we whould have a portal leading us to this world but no real concrete way of making our move viable, on the other side we would have to leave b4 our natural colony gets frozen up by the seasonal frost outburst....

Klei, I love you games, dont take this personal, I just wished there was more to do in ONI then micromanaging oxygen and .....

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