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Instruments / Songs To Lower Stress

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Right now, the creativity trait can only be used for art, but you could try and add instruments and songs which would also be affected by it. If you creativity is low, your stress and others stress would either decrease from the bad songs, or increase slowly from the not good songs. Whichever choice sounds better. If it is high, the other dupes will start to enjoy it and it will lower stress. Instruments would lower stress, but increase stress of people who can hear it, unless they have high creativity. If multiple dupes are playing instruments, they stress would lower quicker than if it was 1 person, and people around them wouldn't have lowered stress since they sound better than instead of being solo, but they still wouldn't gain anything unless there creativity was high. Another idea for this would be have dupe's have their instrument preference, or have 1 instrument which can sound like them all, which looks like a combination of a bunch of them instead of making designs for multiple of them, and scrap the preference idea. You could make a microphone building, which broadcasts music to speakers, connected via a new type of wire, and have everyone hear them to use that as a way to lower stress for everyone, same could work with the rest of instruments, but they have to have a separate mic. I am fairly new to the game, and haven't gotten all that far surviving until cycle ~50 before I realized I couldn't live any longer with how things were going, so I am not sure about if this would be good or not.

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