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Non-Steam Shipwrecked DLC distribution

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Hello there,

I was wondering if there were any plans on releasing Shipwrecked DLC unbound to Steam, perhaps on Humble Bundle. I vaguely remember some statements on the matter that Shipwrecked would be on steam for the Early Access phase of its development and then released on other platforms. As I own the copies of base game and RoG outside of Steam, I would love this DLC to be an option to own without a distribution platform I do not necessarily trust to be around years down the line. I have considered redeeming the steam keys on the Humble Bundle pages to get the DLC, but I am not sure whether that would bar me from getting standalones from said pages should there be an update in the future. I have not seen any signs of the bundle or any of its components getting on GOG connect where I would be able to get the files regardless of being signed into a distribution platform.

If you have any information and/or recommendations, I would love to hear from you.



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