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Tytuł : Klei , Pleas Change This Model Of Making Badroom For Duplicant And At All Making Room Into Block Powered Like Other Structure And Delete Duplicant's Problems , Becaus It Killing A Game ( And Many More )

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Table Of Content
1*about That Kind Of Game
2*what , For My Is Wrong  With A Game
3*my Suggestion About Gameplay



1) In That Kind Game Is Going On About Building Colony , Not Trouble With Something Like This Stupid Decoor , Limits Are Just To Delay A Construct Sampling Colony .

1)target A Player In That Kind Of Game Is Built A Samplings Colony , Like Victory In  Multypleyer Games , When Players Reach That Level , Whatever That He Didint Unlock All Buildings , Game Start By Borring , Especial , When Suddenly Apear A Problem , Which Come From Acrossing That Level

1)payback , ( Satysfaction ) For Players Is Move On Screen , Which They Didn't Made , Look At Anno , Which Is Terrible Game , But Reciving Large Amount Move On Screen , When P. Built A Port With Magazin Workers Start Moving Without Targets , But It Still Generate Satisfaction From Self Construct Anthill.
Yours Oni Have Magnificient Player Focus , Via This Brilant Idea With Disappearing Water And At All Big Consumption , But This Pump In Background , Generators And Workers (Duplicants) Are Too Small To Generate Enought Satisfaction.

1)the Base Of That Kind Strategy , Like Yours Oni , Is Via Duplicant Or Structure , Create A 'colony' , Which Is Samplings , What Creat Main Problem , Which You Have Solve , Colony Which Dont Need Anything Else From Player Are Sampling Mean The End , No More Structure , No More Expansion , Now Is Okey I Heve Done It , My Colony Will Live Forever  Now , Why I Have To Do Something If Target Is Score , For What Building , Spreading , Unlocking , Game Over , I Win , Colony Were Built ,  .
Disappearing Water Are Brillant Idea , Which Add Players Works For Ever Becaus He Will Never Reach That Level , When He Will Told , I Have Nothing To Do ( If You Delete Unlimited Water From Gayser Of Corse) .

1)problem , Which Solve A Settels2 Anniversary , Was That Big Dill With A Workers (Duplicants) Problems , Workers Are Just Tools To Do A Mission , Built Colony , So Every Problem Like Decor , Sterss And Waiking Up Bucaus Of Gas Are Just Irrytating , Same Gas Are Ok , Giving Another Infrastructure , More Move On Screen , (Problem With Purifine It) , But If It Cause A Siknes Of Workers , Well , Point Of That Is Problems Of Workers Arent Too Funny More Are Irrytating , Causing Throw Away That Game , In Settlers Anniwersary 2 Workers Were Reduce To Transporter , Dont Needed Nothing To Live , And That Game Were Amazing Playable , I Dont Tell , That You Should Transform Your Workers Into Robots , But Deleted Problem With Decor And Waking Up In Night , And Reduced Value Another Problem With Duplicant Will Upgreat A Gameplay
(I At Start Think , That There Will By Kind Of Robots , Which Are Turn By A Oil And Something , What Give 1) No Problem With Problem That Actually Have A Game , 2) Another Limited Resources , Which Must By Collectet , Not Produce From Nothing , Like Mush Bars , What Add Option Another Infrastruction And Easier Deliver It To Workers , Something Like A Gas Station Or Somethink )
(I Know That Another Game That Kind Are Selling And Isnt Like Settlers For Example Anno , But This Game Value Are Great Mark , And Graphic , Game Are Terrible , But Somebody Will Buy It Just For It)

1)when Players Reach 'levels'  , He Can Then Collect Too Much Reasources , Or After Long Time Of Game He Just Storred Too Much Of One Resources What Unlock Him Too Much  Option , For Example You Digging , Finding Small Amount Of Iron , You Dont Need That So Left It In Store , But After Hour You Have Large Amount Of Iron , Which Allow You Built Everthing , Making The Same Dameg To Game Like Duplicants Problem


1) First Off All And The Worst From All , That Player Have To Built A Room , Like Badroom, Realy , I Know That Add Aditional Problem And Looks Cool Becaus Players Can Something Creat Itself , But This Problem , Is Bad , And Borring Becaus This Is Schemats - Always Built 3 Flour Base , Always Built Wentile , Always Built 3 Hight To Generator Etc. !!!!!!
Good Problems Are : Dissapirring Water , Large Amount Of Coal For Generate Power , Algea , ( Good Save From Change It Even If It Freak My Out , This The Strongest Part Of Game , Game Forces Players To Action , Like Another Player In Miltiplayer Game , And With Combo It Random World Makes The Best Economical Strategy ) , At All , Problem , Which Can By Solft In Many Ways And We Dont Need A Schemats Made By Corean To Solft Them , For Example We Dont Need Built Coal Generator ,
Building A Room Isnt Funny , Didnt Is Random Isnt Satisfied Becaus Players Are Forced To Do It In One Right Way , (Throught Gas Mechanic ) , For Example Did Anybody Imagines To Play In Game Where You Are Forced To Cleanning Room With Man , Who Always Talling You , What You Have To Do And How , And Left Plan , How Musst Look After . Players Need More Options To Built

234)second Third And Fourth At End , Is That Big Game Around Gas And Temaperatur , Decor , They Too Creating A Problem , But Like With Room This Isnt Good Problem , Becaus Heat Cuauses Plant A Tausend Hydrofan , Decor Plant Tausend Of Paint , Gas Just Causes Irytation , When Starts Appear In The Badroom At Night Causing Wakeing Up A Minions , Boring , Monotulous , And Causing Throw Out This From Pc .
At All , Every Duplicant Problem Expect For That , Which Need A Infrastructure Like Food , Water Or Toilet Should By Delete

1)payback , ( Satysfaction ) For Players Is Move On Screen , Which They Didn't Made , Look At Anno , Which Is Terrible Game , But Reciving Large Amount Move On Screen , When P. Built A Port With Magazin Workers Start Moving Without Targets , But It Still Generate Satisfaction From Self Construct Anthill.
Yours Oni Have Magnificient Player Focus , Via This Brilant Idea With Disappearing Water And At All Big Consumption , But This Pump In Background , Generators And Workers (Duplicants) Are Too Small To Generate Enought Satisfaction.

3* My Suggestion Is Divieded In 3 Main Aspects , 1)what I Suggesting 2)how I Imagines That 3) Adventage ( For My)

1)yours Game Are Good Via That Evertime Players Have Something To Do , But Have Too Small Move On Screen , I Have Build Large Colony , And Nothing Move , In That Kind Game This Is Payback To Players , And Don't Tell My About Move Of Duplicants And Generators , Becaus It Is Joke . Without It , Ant Hill , Players Feel Disapoiting , Game Aren't Realy Life , Exacly Economical Strategy , If You Dont Want Add And Change Anything What Is Below , Just Add More Animations.

1) Every Reasources Should By Use From Start , Elimineting Problem , When P. Construct Only Thing From Cuper , And Collect Tausend Tons Of Iron


1)delete All Problem Of Duplicant (Workerss) , Exept For Eating And Sleeping ( Or Sleeping It Too Can By Delete , Workers Can At Nigtht Go On Earth Throught A Portal , Becaus It Too Is So Borring To Always Carrynig About That , Then Add Small Portal , To Workers Working Farrer From Base )
2)no More Stupid Decor Which Cause Only Built Tausend Of Paints , Gas Should By Reduce To Area , Where Are Good Atmosphere , Bad Atmospher , And Contaminated , Temperature The Same , It Isnt Any Funny And Playfull , That Becaus 1 Small Cloud Of Co2 Wake Up A Worker You Have To Found Him And Di-stressed Him , It Could By Even Good If We Have A Cofee To Produce But Even With That , It Is So Borring
3)problem Like Decor Or Heat Have No Supply , You Just Plant Tausend Of Paints , Do Nothing , Exept For Looking Stupid (..) . Irrytating , Exacly When You Forgotten About Heat And In Half Of Game Have To Plant Bilion Of 'wentilator' To Solve That Problem , Delete It Will Make Fun More Clear And Funny

1)no Gayser
3)gaser Can Caused A End A Game , As I Say , Making A Samplings Colony Or Through Deleteing One Of Most Important And Depleteble Reasources Aviable Without Limits

1)add Tank , Which Will Collect A Gases And Liquid From Structure Like Deoxidaizer (Or Something Like That) Or Add It With Structure , Like In Coal Generator This Bar On Coal
2)tank Will By Built Like Other Structure , Have Input Gas From Output Another Structure , Connectet Vie Pipe Or Wentile , With Option Of Segregation Of Gas Via This Structure
3)maybe Self-constructet Room Looks Cool , Becaus Players Must Built It Same , But Quick Come Learn That Exist Only One Right Way To Built Them , On Another Hands , When Players In That Kind Game Players Want Built A Colony , No Every Single Room  , This Will Solve Many Problem , Player Know How Hydrogen He Have And We Can Built Good Looking And Working Infrastructure For That .

1)reduce Power Of Pomp , Make That On Larger Distance More Economical Will By Transport Manualy In Special Machine Or On A Transmitters In 'can'
2)'transporting Machine' , Item Stored In 'part Store' ( Below ) , Workers Taking That When He Have To Use It , Transport A Can , Can Is Something Like A Container , Delivered From Portal Witout Cost  And Fill In 'mobile' Station (Can By Move On 'transporting Machine' )  ,for Example P. Dig Long Tunnel , Place Near Block (Below) , Where Will Sleep Workers 'part Store' Where Will By Transport And Can , And This Mobile Station ( Bought In Shop ( Below )) , In Which This Can Will Fill And Later Transport On Place
3)more Move , More Fun For Players

1)mechanic Of Transport Item (Below) , Resources Or Parts To Store , The Closest Of Action , For Example , Player Buy A Digging Machine , So He Will Built A 'part Store' Near A Area Of Digging, Place There This Machine , What Decrease Way Needed To Bring It , Same With Part , Befor Built Player Built 'part Store' Near A Built . Stancil , That Automaticly Will Set Up Amount And Kind Of Part In 'part Store' For Structure , I Imagines That As Additional Bar In Store , Where Are Picture Every Structur, When You Want Place In 'part Store' Part For It , Player Simply Choose That Structure And Needed Compound Are Delivered To It.

1)add 'precious Stone' And Vendor , Shop , Whatever , Which Selling A Super Stucture Like Super Greenhous , Electric Processor For Forge , Elevator Or Mobile Station To Mask Etc
2)shop Can By Opened Every Time In Warpgate , But Need Large Amount Of Energy , And Only Currency Is 'precious Stone' , Very Very Very Rare , Which Can By Found Anywhere , But As I Say , It Have To By Very Rare
3)heartstone , Are Boring Game , But Man Play In That , Why ? Beacous 1) They Want Gain Every Rare Cards , Every Oopened Packet Is A Very Exiting Event , Becaus Of Boring Gameplay (2) For Dream About Wictory In Multyplayer) , Basic On That Example , Adding Shop Will Upgrate By Adding Random Rare Event , Which Will By Compare With Hard Gameplay , What Make It Even More Good

1)every Struckture Should By Built From Elements , Construct In Forge
2)new Structure -  'part Store'(Big Structure 8lenght3hight)  And Forge Creating A Part For Another Structure From Crude Resources Need To Work Electricity And Flameable Gas , Crude Ore Must By Input Like In Every Other Structure , Very Expensive , Need Buy A Electric Processor In Vendor (1 Precios Stone) And Lot Of Another Parts Which Must By Produce , Players Start With Block 6/3 And Parts To Builds Another 8 Blocks That Kind ( Below ) , And Forge ,
3)as I Say , More Structure Mean More Fun , So It Add Another Resourc , Another Move On Screen , Becaus Part Must By Previosly Delivered On Buildig Area , 'part Store' Can By Placed Anyway And Can By Use To Place Part Near A Building Place . Also Deley Time Of Built A Structure , Which Is Too Quickly

2)just A Floor , Can Not By Use As Wall , Incrace Speed , Need Part To Create , Can By Built Well In This To Allow Workers Explore That , What Is Under Its Level
3)  -  

1)type Of Amosphere - 1 Perfect Block - No Mask  ; 2 - Good ( Under 'temporary Cover' Or In 'clear' Area  Like Place Of Spawn) - Mask1; 3 Bad (Place With Contaminated Oxygen ) - Mask2; Toxic ( Area Pollutet By Some Poison Gasses Like Chlorium ) - Mask3

1)mask (3 Kind)
2)mask - Item Created In Special Structur , From ... Plastic (Created From Crude Oil) And Cuper (Or ...) , Amount Of Resources Needed To Constrac Depends From Type Of Mask , ( Mask1 Is Delivered By New Workers (Duplicants)( Very Expensive Production Of Mask , And A Machine To Produce Them)mask1- Dont Change Speed Of Workers , Can By Refresh In Special Structure That Creating A Contaminated Water , Mask1 Is Used Only In 'good' Atmosphere , Mask2 - Small Tank Of Oxygen On A Back , Which Must By Relouded Fro Sun To Sun In Special Station No Negative Effects , Mask3 - Even Bigger Tank On Oxygen, Multiplie Time Of Doing Every Work By 1.5 , Reload Like Mask2 .
Mask2 And 3 Are Item Storing In 'part Store' , Mask1 Have Every Duplicant And It Isnt Stored , Are In Base Equipment   
Player Start With 3 Piec Of Every Kind Of Mask (M2 And M3)
3) -

1)'temporarry Cover'
2)something Like Tent 3 Hight ( That Mean Everthing Can By Place Under This) , Provide Cover From Enviromental ,
3)this Structure Will Replace A Self-building Room , Which Were Just A Bad Idea , Simple In Use , Can By Place On Floor Or Any Others Base , Every Structure Can By Placed Under It , But Another Than Block , Workers Have To Wear Musk2 Under It ,


1) Replace Mechanic Of Self Building Room With Block-room And Corridor ( But Not Just Add A Stencil)  
2) Additional Bar , Block Bar , Exsist 3 Type Of Blocks 1 6lenght/3hight 2-12/3 3-18/3 , Every Block Has Wall (Which Can Transform In Door) Adding 1 To Lenght And Hight , Game Start With
Block 6/3 ( Plus Amount Elements On 10 Block That Type )
To Construct Every Kind Of Block Will Need Special Elements , Which Can By Produce From Crude Ore In Super Forge 6/6 With Wall , Of Course And That Structure , And Elements Are Super Costfull
3) Block Will Solve Problem With Irytating Schemat Of Build Order , Always 3 Hight Room , Always 8 Hight Fo Hydroogen , As Borring As Killing A Game

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Could you please make it readable and not look like almost uninterrupted wall of text.

And please use proper case. Only names and begining of a sentence start with uppercase letters everything else is lowercase.

There is numbering function embedded in formatting bar using this way would make your post more readable truss causing more people to read and answer to it. It looks like this

  1. AAA
  2. BBB //Tab to nest
    1. BBA
    2. BBC
    3. BBD //Shift+Tab to go back to
  3. CCC
  4. DDD
    1. DDA
      1. DAA
        1. DAAa

Sorry IMHO this wrongly (in terms of English way of using lower and upper case accompanied by lack of indents) formatted text is unreadable.

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