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[UI] [Optimization] Priority screen while running in high speed mode

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When running in the max. speed mode, the priority screen causes lagging on large bases. I am personally not playing the game on my computer, until there's a GNU+Linux version, but I am watching Skye's gameplays. He has probably the largest base from all YouTubers.

If I may suggest something, I'd propose prebaking the priority overlay texture and updating only the changed segments as necessary. To me, it seems like the game is rendering all the digits all the time from scratch as opposed to pre-baking the rasterized versions of the glyphs.

I also think having the UI completely decoupled from rendering the clones' activity in the base would solve issues with unresponsive buttons while in the max. speed mode.

These are just my observations and I actually don't know about the internals of the engine, so please take these suggestions as such.

Thanks! I can't wait for the release of the game.

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