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[DST]How 2 Survive

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DaZz-Devil    0


Hi you're looking for action and fun.

Just join our [DST]How 2 Survive steam group.


server: [GER]How 2 Survive
search for it under: Server-List

Therefore type: How 2 Survive for your search, to check the ONLINE / OFFLINE status.

server settings:

  • mode: endless
  • cooperative
  • high loot
  • PW: none (yet) / access ONLY for steam-group members
  • max. players: 12
  • large/huge world with caves
  • resets from time to time
  • PVP and raiding is allowed! Drop all on quit and death during the fist days on the server! It's not allowed to steal personalized chesters -> results in ban!
  • mods: a lot (check the linked client & server mod collection inside the forum)
  • special griefing protection (no fire spread, simple griefing protection, personalized chester, no chest-protection or chest-ownership -> but buried treasure)
  • server online times: check the forum announcements for further informations
  • NO GRIEFING, CHEATING OR HACK using allowed: cheaters will be banned permanently! Don't forget to read the RULES before joining!
  • no abusive language! Stay fair and connected!


Hope to see you soon on our dedicated server!



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DaZz-Devil    0


  • If you spawn after server-day 10, you have to solve 5 days on the server to be able to open chests/chesters/crockpots/backpacks or to dig out bushes! This affects all chests/chesters/crockpots/backpacks, also your own set-up ones. You'll also drop all on quit, till you solved your 5th server day. This is a simple protection feature!
  • Keep your game and mods up-to-date. The server will update the game and mods on every restart.
  • You have to join the steam group, otherwise you can't connect to the server!

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