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Suddenly can't do anything in a RoG world, possibly connected to tumbleweeds

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Several times now, I've suddenly been unable to take pretty much any action while playing a Reign of Giants world. I can still move around, but I can't interact with anything or open my inventory or the map, and I've only been able to open the pause menu by using my tablet's built-in back button, and even then, all I can do is press it again to close the pause menu, as I can't even press any of the menu options. Objects in the world still highlight when I press/hold on them, but don't give any options to interact. The only way I've been able to get out of it at all has been to completely close Don't Starve, then start it up again, which obviously resets my progress to the last save (typically an autosave), but when I get to roughly the same point, it happens again. Every time it has happened, it has coincided with opening a tumbleweed, so it might be connected to that somehow, though I've also opened probably hundreds of tumbleweeds with no ill effects.

I am playing with a significantly customized world, most notably making it always autumn, as Willow. The first world this happened in did give me the stability warning about a complex custom world, but I tweaked the world customization for the second world enough that it didn't give that warning, and it still happened. In the first world, it occured late on day 13, and in the second world, it occured around the middle of day 2.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A, model number SM-T550, Android Version 5.0.2.

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