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My oppinion on what should follow ANR and a bit of feedback

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this part of the forums and I don't have a lot of spare time to read trough it so my apologies if I mention stuff that has already been suggested.

Before I dive into this I'd like to congratulate the devs for the fantastic content they provided us in ANR for absolutely free. Although I may not completely agree with some of the newly added summer mechanics such as the amount of time spent fishing  for desert goggles to negate sandstorms and having to deal the greedy antlion that wrecks your base if you accidentally forget he exists (I know it's my own fault). The Moon related events, new bosses and fights, and even all the decorative stuff added to the game are absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work guys!

My personal favorite part of the update was the added renewability to the ruins, be it trough a difficult fight. What I'd like to see is possibly to expand on this and make world hopping (regenerating) possible in DST.. in a way. I know a lot of you will point out the obvious hundreds of threads where people discuss how terrible of an idea world hopping is for a multiplayer game, but hear me out. The game is awesome as it is but imo one of the things that it needs to encourage more long term play by an average player is a sort of end game for people who aren't into building mega bases. And world hopping is exactly the type of "end game" that the DS series has always gone for. As always people who absolutely need closure to the story will have to wait another day, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It keeps the thrill. (pls don't hurt me)

What I am suggesting is to add another optional event which would trigger shadow chess piece tier fight or maybe even something more difficult. Something which you need to actively seek out in the world and activate, possibly in the ruins during the nightmare cycle to add some spice to things. This event would need to be difficult enough to require a team of two, but be better suited for three player team and scale difficulty upwards depending on the number of players. It would also require all players in a cooperative world to participate in order to even activate the world hop afterwards, so it would be entirely voluntary. The only benefit from doing the event would be the epic battle and the chance to regenerate the world later after defeating the fuelweaver. When you finish  the epic fight, you "receive coordinates to tune the portal in the atrium to another world" which could possibly add another tier of challenge to the upcoming Fuel weaver fight, or perhaps that would be unnecessary, however my point is that all players on coop servers would have to participate in both the first fight to receive the coordinates and the second fight with the fuelweaver  to activate the portal in order to regenerate the world. When the portal is tuned to a correct set of coordinated instead of just regenerating the ruins section of the map, it actually "transports" the atrium room and everything in it (including chests, loot on the ground, dead players, etc.) to a whole new map. The players who want to keep their stuff would need to bring it into the atrium room prior to the fuelweaver fight and then when they end up in a new world, they would have to fight their way back trough the chess piece monsters and the giant tentacle, to escape the atrium and carry their stuff to their new home world and potential base. If not all players are present at one of the events (if they die it still counts them as present) killing the fuelweaver would only trigger the ruins to regen. I think this this is a grief-proof solution to the problem which would suit everyone. People who wanna fight the optional event just for funzies can go right ahead. It would not affect other players gameplay.

Man that was long and I probably missed a bunch of stuff I wanted to say. Anyways, hope I at least inspire a good mod if nothing else.


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