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More Printer Ideas

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Had a thought that we're only seeing one side of the printer. We don't know why dupes are being sent through every few cycles. Is it because there is a colony on the other side that is dangerously overcrowded? Do we push them ever so closer to doom each time we reject 3 dupes? Why do they always come through stress free and unharmed?

Idea #1 - Let us be able to take more than one dupe if we choose to.

This would be interesting because in later stages of the game with a more stable base, more dupes could be needed. Have it so that if you take two dupes, they both come in with minor wounds and 20% stress plus a slightly longer wait until next cycle. If you take all three, more serious wounds and 40% stress with an even longer wait. This would also open the door for harder game modes where you have to take all three each time the printer goes off and the wait gets smaller each time (population explosion mode anyone?).

Idea #2 - Let there be repercussions if you take nothing.

If you reject all three dupes, perhaps materials would come through instead (like an incomplete matter transfer). That way if you reject the dupes, you might end up with some needed materials instead like algae or sand. Or maybe the people on the other side would be really unhappy that their population problem continues so you get a big pile of "polluted dirt" instead. Regardless, it might be a good way to keep hatches fed. It also might be another way to introduce rare items into the game.

Conversely, if you reject the transmission from the "helpful" other side, maybe something bad would come through instead from somewhere else like a new animal (a random Beefalo?) or a 100% stressed out evil super dupe bent on wrecking your base. Maybe even something as simple as a nice pocket of chlorine gas...

You could have a second screen pop up when you reject dupes where three crates pop up like a fun little mini game. You choose a crate and it comes through the printer. Who knows what could be inside?

Idea #3 - Quick select mode for the printer

Have it so that double click on the printer opens the normal dupe select screen but double clicking the "Dupes are available" tip pulls up a quick choose box with three choices - dupe, materials, or other. Taking a random dupe without previewing maybe gives you the chance for a higher "roll" of stats?

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