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My character can eat rocks, now how do i limit it to just rocks?

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I'm making a DST character mod with the ability to eat rocks and found the following text:

-- So you can eat all elementals
    local eater = inst.components.eater
    table.insert(eater.preferseating, FOODTYPE.ELEMENTAL)
    table.insert(eater.caneat, FOODTYPE.ELEMENTAL)

    local _TestFood = eater.TestFood
    eater.TestFood = function(self, food, testvalues)
        -- So you can only eat rocks, out of all stuff of the elementals group
        if food and food.components.edible and food.components.edible.foodtype == FOODTYPE.ELEMENTAL then
            return food.prefab == "rocks"
        return _TestFood(self, food, testvalues)

    -- So you benefit for eating rocks
    eater.oneatfn = function(inst, food)
        if food and food.prefab == "rocks" then
            -- rocks give 1 hunger back by default, 1 + 9 = 10

It works well and I figured out how to manipulate it for other values. The problem I have right now is how my character can eat other elementals. How can I limit this to just rocks?

I've included the main lua file and the entire mod folder in 2 separate uploads.


goatroo 2.zip

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