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[Rerelease] Team survival

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[Status]: public & stable test server running - or at least I didnt manage to force it to crash anymore - if you do Tell me!!!

Servername: "Team Survival Beta Server" / Settings:  minimum players 4, uneven teams allowed, semi random team distribution


So with the upload to the steam workshop I suppose it is time to create a seperate topic for discussion and bug reports.

[Note]:This mod needs my Factions Framework ! http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=735788085

In Team Survival players start out in a lobby waiting for more players to arrive. The amount of players necessary to start the game and more advanced features can be adjusted in the controls.

Once the game starts, players will be divided into two teams. If at any point there are no living players in one of the teams the game is over and the server will reset :)

The teams will not know where the opposing team has spawned - scouting will be a crucial part of winning the game


-basic announcements

-team pvp / survival

-basic lobby


- fixed memory leak issue

- heavy restructure of the code - uses a lot less resources

- might have one or two bugs ^_^

- charlie is a little more annoying now



-Hotfix: now teleports all players correctly.

- relogging will send players back to lobby (this is intentionally tho may be subject to change)



plans for future features:

- apparently pvp is buggy... need people for testing - please add me on steam !

-fix fakin memory leak issue!!!!!! [super high priority D: ]

- laddersystem [current Priority: High]

- increase hostility of the world ( e.g. special events) to speed up the gameplay [current Priority: Medium]

- remove hearts/ other revival features and add "lifes" feature that can be set in the controls [current Priority: High]

- make the lobby more fun ^_^ [current Priority: Low]

- more announcements and make charlie very annoying! =D <3 [current Priority: Low]



All of the features are up for discussion so If you have any ideas for improvement - for the love of god share them !


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