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alternate gas and liquid movement methods and changes

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I am enjoying this game quite a bit so far and I have some suggestions for modifying the current pipe flow mechanics.

Current system: Rate now the water and gas will only go through them if there is something pumping them through the pipes.

Change 1: The main change I am recommending is that you change the pipe mechanic to one that is controlled by pressure instead of only by pumps.

Change 2: The change that I am recommending is that you(the development team) make a change to the pipe making it so that I can use it to equalize pressure of liquids and gases between two or more gas or liquid outputs when the pipes are less pressurized than the outside environment.

Change 3: If these changes could also allow for a gravity feed water flow through pipes " Gravity feed is the use of earth's gravity to move something (usually a liquid) from one place to another. It is a simple means of moving a liquid without the use of a pump." would also make things better.

Research recommendation: "basic gas movement" and "basic liquid movement" which would be prerequisites to their corresponding gas or liquid movement research's.

  -basic gas movement: could include "gas pipe" and "air vent"

  -basic liquid movement: could include "liquid pipe" and "liquid pipe input/output"

Reasoning: This change will allow the current system to still function the same way while also proving more options for there use.

PS. when it comes to the liquid flow rate you could lower it(i would say maybe 1/4 or 1/8 the rate of the pumps) to show that there will be a marked improvement when you get the pumps.

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