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"Metheus" puzzle

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So, I believe I am up to speed with what is required for the puzzle and I've crafted a server world for efficient solution of the final step, but I need a puzzle partner!

I really want to see all of this puzzle.  Like many, I'm eager for anything that sheds any scraps more light on this intriguing world!

So, please message me if you are up for a "metheus" run and I'll give you my steam ID.

Please also say whether you've not yet solved the puzzle, but want to.  If I get more than one response, I'll try to go through with each person who still needs to who responds.

And let me know if you'd prefer a method of communication other than through steam/dst and I'll see if I can get it set up ahead of time.

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Okay, had a number of successful runs.

Thanks to everyone I played it with who explained parts and showed me faster and better ways of doing things.

In fact, I feel like I've become something of a pro-metheus solver.  ;)

Anyone who is still looking for a partner for the puzzle, feel free to drop me a message.

The puzzle skins look rather nice.  It'll be especially cool if we eventually get something like runic/ancient turf!

Getting a close up of the "hieroglyphics", there are a /lot/ of details and a lot to digest.  (does anyone else keep getting "Gravity Falls" vibes from all the Don't Starve ARGS?  :D)

The final teaser leaves me hyped for what possibilities this will open up!

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