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Has Klei stopped caring about the PS4 version?

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Let me preface this by saying Klei have been my favorite indie developer since I first discovered them through Don't Starve and I have loved all the games they have released. They put a lot of love into their games and always pay attention to their players' concerns. Now having said that, why the heck is the PS4 version of the game so unloved? There is still a hugely world ruining bug that causes the game to transition into Winter when you enter the caves that is really annoying. Along with that, there are still a plethora of problems with the controls.

Trying to pick up specific items when they are close to other items is so annoying such as if I shave Beefalo I have to wait until the night is over and they wake up as it's sometimes impossible to pick of the wool up as the character for some weird reason cannot just auto-locate them when I hold X unlike the PC version which allows me to pick them up by just holding Spacebar.

That's one of the smaller issues as while finicky, I can mostly deal with it (even though it should just work like PC). Combat on the other hand, is so frustrating. There needs to be a lock on mechanic + a way to stop attacking friendlies without a toggle. My suggested fixes, L3 to toggle between "Friendlies can be targeted" and "Friendles can NOT be targeted" and R3 to lock on to an enemy and then just being able to move the right stick to switch between different targets (aka just like the Souls games). That would make it so much simpler and more fun as right now it feels like you have to work around the controls.

I think the 2 fixes I've suggested would work just fine. Now I doubt this will get any sort of attention or response as any other threads I've found (even as early as January) seem to have had no responses from the devs OR they say they're aware of the issue but alas nothing has been done yet. 

This has really been frustrating and disappointing as I have played DS on the PC for over 500 hours and I was hoping to get back into the game afresh on the PS4 version but these issues have just not allowed me to enjoy it. 

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