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For Lonely People Who Can't Do the Metheus Puzzle

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So the reason you clicked this thread was obviously the title and that you don't have any friends to do the Metheus Puzzle with... (LIKE ME ;-;)

But luckily, after "thorough research", I've managed to do the puzzle all by myself. 

DISCLAIMER: I know that this puzzle was mean't to be done by teamwork, but I just wanted to put this out to the people who don't have any friends who play DST and really want to participate in the puzzle.


Make sure to check if you have an extra copy of DST in your steam inventory (WITHOUT AN EXTRA COPY, THE FINAL STEP IN THE PUZZLE WON'T WORK SINCE YOU WILL NEED A PARTNER FOR THE LAST STEP) to get the skins.


Once you've checked that you do have an extra copy, let's continue to the next step.

1.) Make a new steam account if you don't already have one.

2.) Once you've finished making an account. Copy it's steam profile link. (you can find this by logging into your new steam account on a web browser and clicking profile.)

3.) USING YOUR MAIN STEAM ACCOUNT- Go to your new account's profile and add as a friend... (If you haven't done it of course).

4.) AFTER THAT! Send the extra copy of DST to your new account and redeem it, then you'll have 2 accounts with DST (which you will need for the final step of the puzzle).

NOTE: Like with what I did, the smurf account that I have with DST can be accessed by a close friend of mine (since I won't be playing DST on that account, it would be a waste so I gave access to a friend who wanted to play DST but couldn't buy it...)

In order to do the first 2 parts of the puzzle (the linking phase) and the second part... You can actually open two incognito pages and sign into two different steam accounts (so you can simultaneously do the puzzle side by side easily...) 


After completing the two parts... You have the 3rd part to finish.. Which is to actually go in the game and find the sacred chest (which is actually beside the pseudoscience station.) 

For this part, you have to have access to a second computer... (With my case, I have a pc and a laptop... So I just accessed my two accounts between the two computers.) 

I think that's all really in order to complete the puzzle by yourself (besides getting help from other threads on how to complete the main puzzles)... I hope that this thread was helpful!

P.S. Sorry in advance if what I am doing or have done is bad ;-; 

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