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Insanity or Deerclops?


Prioritize Which Feature?  

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Winter (at least the first part of it) is the update after sanity. We just started working on it on Friday.The update schedule up until launch goes something like:Early feb - Sanity <----- This Tuesday!Late feb - Winter <------ A certain deer creature will be in here.Early march - End Game <------- Wherein you get to confront Maxwell, and find out what he's been up to.Late march - (overflow from previous updates) <------ The game is "done" here, except for some tuning. This is the end of beta.Early april - tuning/bugfixing <------ This will be the official external steam launch! It's about two weeks later than we had originally planned, but it turns out that we were sharing a launch date with the new Bioshock game. That would have been a bad idea, and we'll use the extra time to cross some T's and dot some I's.I'm not sure what happens next. I'm going to go to Hawaii for a week. We'll figure out a new roadmap for our post-launch support when I get back.I'm actually really looking forward to the post launch period. I feel like we've been sprinting to get in all of our roadmap content for a while now, which is great, but we haven't had time to think of the big picture in a while. I'm really excited about the potential of the mod community, and I have some ideas for big new features that have been percolating for a while that I'd like to map out with the team. Right now, I'm putting anything that doesn't help with the roadmap on the back burner, so that we don't get distracted :)

Well have fun in Hawaii!
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