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Come help us build a megabase!

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If you're looking for a community of mature DST players with a dedicated server hosted in the US with a few mods, you should join The Famished Wanderers Convention. Our server is up 24/7 but we mostly play on the weekend. We play two different worlds during the week. Currently the weekday world is on survival mode with no password. We play our weekend world on a schedule and we have the password posted on Discord so don't have so much time when only one player is online. The schedule for our weekend world is Saturdays from 10AM till 10PM EST and Sundays from 2PM till 7PM EST.
Our play style is based on creating one main base for everyone to share and long games that last hundreds of days. We don't restart the world often. That being said because of the beta ending were resetting our weekend world and starting over from day 0. Our last weekend world made it to day 600 with a pretty nice looking base. There's a link the imgur screenshot gallery on our Discord.
We're not strict on rules and we don't try to force people to play a certain way. You can play however you like on our server as long as you don't break the rules of course. We have new players and experienced players. We have members who play almost every week and members who only play about once a month.

here's the list of mods we use:

Moderator Commands
Global Positions
Repair Combine
Welcome Message (only on the weekday world to tell people about the weekend world and Discord)

We primarily communicate on Discord.
Here's the discord invite link - 
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