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[Duplicants Enhancments] Zero G Boots, SmartWatch, ect

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Straight to the Idea:

Smart Watch - Decreases the time it takes to complete a task or possibly adds autonomy to micromanagement.

Zero G Boots - Hovering movements would be a great improvement on building complex bases and scouting for materials. They would be able to get in and out of high / dangerous areas quickly.

-----Job Specific----- 

Chef's Hat - increases cooking stats

Mining Helmet - increases digging stats

Runner's Shoes - increases runner stats


All These could possibly be added to the cloths building which could outfit duplicates.

Adding upgrades to duplicant's would be a great addition to ONI by fulfilling the itch for complex planning to extend your colonies life.

I'm eager to see more comments to what else could be added to this idea for example Space Helmet or goggles.

This Idea came to me after reading the Idea for JetPacks Thank you MonoDedo!

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