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How to access config screen?

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Greetings! Last night, during some intermittent Overwatch downtime, I decided to see if my computer could handle running ONI while Overwatch was open. When I opened ONI, I was greeted with a config screen I'd never seen before. It allowed me to tell ONI which adapter to run on. Great! Exactly what I needed when I needed it!

Well, now I'd like it back on my main monitor. Unforunately, I cannot figure out a way to access that config screen I saw. I've googled, read, checked here, explored both the install location and documents locations, verified the game integrity, up to reinstalling the game. Nothing has reset the changes I made in the config.

Does anyone know how to access that damn config screen? Am I an idiot?

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Fixed it. Never figured out how to reopen that config screen, but I learned those settings are stored in the registry for Unity games. So I hunted down the klei folder in regedit, found an entry titled monitorselect or something to that effect, renamed it with (disabled) at the end, and booted up ONI. Viola!

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