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[Idea] Floating - Pet - Meat

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Here's something I'd suggest for game improvement.

1. Light things such as Muckroot should float on water.

2. There should be a pet cat in the beginning of the game. Duplicants can either butcher it for meat in time of hardship or keep and feed it. It will follow duplicant who has the highest stress level and play around to reduce it.

3. There should be animals that can be domesticated and can reproduce so they can become a little but permanent source of food.

This game is even more addicting than Don't Starve. I'd love to see these changes in the game. Thank you for reading.

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maybe instead of butchering cats, we just combine 2 and 3 so we can domesticate aliens in the game and they can produce whatever they produce, reproduce and the dups can have a little pet animal farm? you can play with an animal or pet it or something to destress. especially with hatches, it'd be great to convert those materials you have way too much of into coal. or, like you said, butcher the animals into meat.

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