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Few Minors suggestions

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Hello, tp begin, i'm sorry for my english !

I just play more than 15h on this game in 2days, thats never happen since "Dont Starve" :p

Just fews things annoys me in my progression.

- A new skill with news task : "Primary need", Duplicant will relief them stress. With mora capacity, the duplicants will be easy to get stress down, and less decors will be needed.

- A new task to "clean" the house.

- The priority menu : i go there so many time, and its annoying to clik on the little number in the corner of the screen.

- Stop this ennoying sound when a duplicants appear and you dont want to print him now. For example, stop the sound when we see the 3 duplicants.

- When we select a duplicant, we can move him where we want, but it's better to order him to do the job where we click. (sorry for my english... lol)

- Differents decors for the same level of creativity

- Shower and lavatory are not very efficiants. Like stress reflief.

- I love this game :)

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