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New Tech: Pressure Management + Advanced Filtration ---> Quarantine (sealing the base further + suits) rdy!


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Even with the thermodynamics ideas, there's potential issues. It may seal the base quite well with it's special walls that that incredible blast chamber, but this level of sealing could introduce a new problem commonly associated with some people, yes - disease. Admittedly, it exists, but not on a more advanced level. This tech should come with it a new concept with the atmosphere - natural vs artificial air. Some people could do better in natural, others do better in artificial air for the most part. But on that, we introduce the tech ideas for this phase.

But this idea introduces a new factor - walls & doors taking damage from extreme pressure differences. I'm thinking the normal doors and walls can only handle 200, the thermodynamic can handle 300, and only it upgrades to 600 with the blast furnace.

Artificial air is oxygen produced by means of machines that exist. Note that it only show's a % on such, merging same gasses.

Feature #1: Airlock Tubes: A specially sealed tube that's flexible in size. You can adjust it to be up/down or left/right only. It's composition will allow heat to come in and out, but the gasses internally and externally remain sealed on a massive level. It can handle pressures up to about 600 units before it cracks as well. Whatever size you pick, it's always 3 in the reverse direction, and you must place an area of it, with advanced new doors on both ends of it.

Feature #2: Quarantine Doors: The current doors are not nearly good enough to handle the current pressures placed on them. These doors are designed to handle pressure differences up to 800 points in that matter, while other doors, in theorem, can only handle 300 usually. It's bigger as well - 3x1 or reverse that. Further, these doors have an option - anchored. This means that if another anchored airlock door is open, this one cannot open. Tubed doors always anchor fully where connected, and cannot be removed. Further, there's a [suit blockade] option on these doors, denying suited people from crossing.

Feature #3: Outfitting Station: Normal clothes may be good, but real environmental suits require special preparations in order to utilize. Dupes come here to equip the more advanced outfits in preparation for more extreme environments here. In addition, this station can also refill the o2 levels from the oxygen tanks in the compression tech as well. This station can only work if a room has at least 70% artificial air.

Feature #4: Outfitting Locker: One environmental suit, one outfitting locker. Need I say more? Can only built in a room where an outfitting station exists. Must assign a dupe to each locker, and choose a suit for the locker as well.

Feature #5: Hazmat Crafting Unit: Trust me, your going to need heavy plastics to make these suits. Unlike the clothes, these suits change appearance. There's 3 kinds of suits, and two more can be unlocked, so I think. Each suit must be placed in a locker in order to be used.

Suit #1 - Light Hazmat. The appearance protects the mouth with a full-face respirator. This allows you to breathe unbreathable air up to 100 units of pressure, and slightly hot/cold environments as well. Lasts up to 1/4 of a day before it must be re-filtered with algae at an outfitting station.

Suit #2 - Medium Hazmat The gasmask and medium suit is quite useful. This suit can handle up to 1/2 day of operations, and still needs algae to be refilled as well. This suit can handle up to 300 units of pressure, and can fully resist hot/cold environments(except magma). Better be prepared to use heavy plastics! Mouth breathers cannot utilize suits of this level or higher.

Suit #3 - Full Hazmat An oxygen mask and a full hazmat suit is definitely protective, but this level of sealing can only be used by those with either a physical or breathing bonus of some kind, and no heat/cold/environmental penalties. For a full day, the worker can operate without holding his/her breath, but this suit must be refilled with oxygen from tanks in the compression tech. This suit can handle pressures up to 700 points.

Suit #4 - Spacesuit This comes much later. While a full hazmat is great, only those with diver's lungs can use this suit. It provides an atmosphere for up to 3 days, allows for the wearer to go without sleep until then, and even provides food. However, each day the person works, their performance drops considerably. But fatigue penalties don't happen when this occurs. Allows breathing up to pressures of 1000 except underwater.

Suit #5 - Deep Diving Suits Big, bulky, and very cumbersome. But needed to handle pressures up to 1500. Like usual, diver's  lungs can use this outfit as desired. But be careful. The weight is high, and it's very cumbersome. You can live 3 days like the spacesuit, but now you are moving like a snail, and even simple tasks are difficult. Ladders can be used, but 3 uses = destroyed without a repair chance. So, your much better off using elevators. It also needs a strength and athletic value of 8 at least.

Be careful. Overuse of the suits can potentially cause them to damage themselves, along with exposing them to pressures too high/low to handle. Never use a suit in an environment less than half it's pressure limit except where 100% artificial air exists. But on this, this tech should introduce pressure variants. There's 5 variants: Oxygen, Water, Polluted Oxygen, Polluted Water, and Miscellaneous. The numbers would be the pressure. See the Next post for the details on these values. Further, suits protect from smell and environment as well.

Feature #6: Quarantine Computer: This computer has quite a few features, but you will need an oxygen tank from the compressor tech to best use this. The options are as followed:

  • Can handle pressures up to 700, supplying like air conditioning.
  • Able to, in sets of 3, anchor with each other to control quarantine doors. There's 3 modes, basic - middle - final. Basic and final only link to 1 airlock door, but middle takes those other 2, and controls the present area. Middle MUST also have an oxygen tank from the compressor tech, converting the air between the 2 areas.
  • As you can see, these computers are able to control doors. But there's a bigger condition. Access control. You can select which level of suits are allowed to use the terminus - none, light, medium, heavy, and spacesuit.
  • Able to control the max pressure it will tolerate before it deactivates.
  • Can eliminate all the anchors on these computers and the doors as desired, but only those connected by wires.

Feature #7: Ultimate Bedding: Quite literally the ultimate kind of bed. Careful - you need oxygen from the compressor tanks, along with electricity to operate these beds. By default, it adjusts to a oxygen pressure of 550, allowing for a very deep sleep. But there's a huge edge. By the time you wake up, except mental conditions, your fatigue will definitely be gone. In addition, it's so safe that it can protect from sound, smell, hunger, and environment in it.

Whatever you do, don't let the oxygen flow or electricity stop when a person is sleeping in this kind of bed! That will kill him!

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This post is the pressure data I'm suggesting.

Oxygen Values

0 - 50 = Unhealthy. You loose about 3-5% of your health per day in this.
51-125 = Breathable. Just the normal oxygen.
126 - 300 = Average. Fatigue and Health will recover at this level.
301 - 500 = Compressed. Provides a performance bonus because it's so easy to breathe now.
{handicap} Mouth breathers go insane in this level. It takes efficient breathing, inhale from nose, exhale from mouth. Those breathers don't understand this!
501 - 700 = Deep Oxygen. This level usually puts people to sleep. But it's perfect for sleeping and medical operations.
701+ = Full Oxygen. This level is too pure for any dupe. But machines love this level, as they perform much better and almost never break down at this level of oxygen.

Contaminated Oxygen Values

0 - 150: Just a fatigue penalty.
151 - 350: A 30% penalty to all stats, and heavy fatigue drains.
351 - 750: Constantly becoming sick as this is breathed. Mouth breathers will have to hold their breath.
751+ : Trust me, dawn a medium suit or better, unless you have diver's lungs.

Those with diver's lungs are immune to the penalties except fatigue. But they will need to hold their breath at 751 or higher, even with this trait.

Water Values

  • Water should allow dupes to swim around. The exception is that the deep diving suit is by far too heavy.
  • Suits, except the spacesuit and better, shouldn't be used in water - too pressurized.

0 - 100 = Not very pressurized, so just {unbreathable} generally.
101 - 300 = Primary diving level. Mouth breathers shouldn't be in this level or higher. Also halves the time, but this variant won't penalize lungs over time.
301 - 700 = Deep level. An oxygen supply is needed now.
701+ = may as well dive into the deepest trench In the world. This level needs a deep diving suit.

Contaminated Water Values

0 - 100: Mouth breathers will panic in even this level. Others will find these waters difficult to swim in.
101 - 300: Really diving in contaminated waters is dangerous. Already, the people's lugs are halved for time, and it gets worse the longer you dive in these waters.
301 - 750: Trust me, you need oxygen to dive in these waters.
751+: Only those with the diving suit can survive in these waters.

Other Gasses

0 - 100: Just unbreathable.
101 - 300: [deprivation] O2 times are halved, and long term breathing reduces lungs.
301 - 500: [contaminated] Without protection, you will die in about 3 seconds now.
501 - 700: [lethal] Don't enter without an oxygen supply!
701+ : [doom] Better wear a spacesuit or diving outfit now!

We proceed to the natural/artificial air explanation.

It's easy. The people are generally used to it, no matter the conditions. However, there's 2 traits that are affected by this situation:

Claustrophobia  - The penalty version of the traits. If the artificial value is greater than 30% it's too much for him, and severe breathing plus mindset penalties happen. Further, this person cannot stand enclosed areas and suits. He also gains fatigue when there's too many people in the near vicinity.

Trust me, this is a bad late-game trait to have. People will need the compressed air to breathe well as it progresses to it's ultimate demise. However, there's a way to keep him alive. Place his bed in an area with terrariums and planters. Trust me, there's probably only a few things that provide 'natural' but there's another catch - he can still go out in the open, as that's natural contamination. 

Hyperbaric Training - This person actually trained in a hyperbaric chamber. Due to this, heavy artificial air grants a performance bonus thanks to his training. In addition, this person can use deep diving and space suits as well without the usual conditions, even overusing suits without problems. Lastly, he gains the specials, but not the bonus, of diver's lungs

That's all, what now?

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I really like the tubes idea, i was thinking of a similar idea where its just a plastic clear tube that can be placed vertically or horizontally and even placed through liquids so you can finally build a ladder through a a large body of water that is right above you base or something, or through the gas biomes so you dont accidentally allow chlorine in.


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