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A formulae for divergence based on a focus - advanced industries!

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Now, the idea behind changing formulas is a bit tricky.

First, you take the symbolic composition of any gasses, fluids, and resources you use.
Let's take the chemical plant I used as an example.

Coal basis: Oxygen, Heat, and Heavy. {gasmasks use coal for filters, at least in the past, so o2 filtering is possible with it under the formulae, absorbing the pollutants into itself. Note, I said filter so, sorry, no oxygen, just cleaning any unbreathable air except void}

Chlorine Basis: Water cleaning, Acid.

So, that translates into either using or outputting Oxygen purity, Water cleaning, Heat, Acid, and Heavy substances. All these would have to be used in the formulae for the industrial output, but it would be up to you the order they flow. But there's a bigger factor on this basis, the complexity of making it:

{Each Resource Not used based on normal physics} - Up to 70% based only on each missing parameter.
{Reversing even one factor} - All 100%.
But complexity has an added bonus. Any relevant factors geared on the basis are also added, but also equal requirements for such as well. So, at 100%, you will need specific traits, and ratings on the threshold of the ultimate, and it would be an extreme case hazard in the inside as well. (not just unbreathable, but contaminated - requiring filtration/oxygen dependent on substances)

Let's look at that chemical factory again

Complexity: 30% - One resource is not factored in for the bleach in this case. I translate the chemical factory into an internal hazard, so definitely no mouth breathers, and 30% more lethality based on co2 in this situation from external status.
Output: Cleans water and air fully, Generates Sulfur, Nitrogen(from complexity), and Bleach. Bleach and sulfur is where it's at, cleaning the air cleaning the water is delivered, diverted where you want, and nitrogen is also where present (a plant bonus. I'm thinking 30% less water, 50% more co2 absorption, not cumulative)
{Sulfur and Bleach} -- Symbolic composition of Sulfur and Bleach are seen as Hot - Acid - Heavy.

Does this formulae make sense?

Physics often changes/adds/upgrades formulas when people have a better understanding of the symbolic compositions of a situation. But that's a convergence factor, breaking down substances on a deeper atomic level as the complexity increases. Thus, to make the ultimate, look at the plus and minus factors on an atom, and reverse the right ones in this case. Absolute atomic control is the highest mortal parameter possible, and Photon plus Antimatter are at the top of the complexity chain in this matter. (photon = proton, antimatter = neutron)

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New Resource(Ghazmite) Basis: Filth, Heavy, Insulation, and Biology.

Choosing contaminated water for input (filth, heavy, water)
Choosing Algae for input (Biology, Insulation, Cleaning)

Results: Ghazmite Secured. Leaves Cleaning and water. So, this variant of output for the Ghazmite factory requires contaminated water supply, plus algae, resulting in clean water and Ghazmite. Since Ghazmite is a major protector based on filth and insulation, it's a heavy duty protection device that protects from extreme biological situations and high heat factors.

So a heat suit upgrade...

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