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Innovation #1: Colorization - Adds a new function to the dupes. Now they can add colors on all the things that are capable of such. This is only for eye-cookie applications, and has no merit other than that special. But there's a cost - they are using spraying guns, and that requires holding their breath.

{Info} - This is a good one for those who want to just show of pictures and scenes of their base. Due to being able to change colors, their areas will be much more beautiful than previously possible. Imagine bases purposefully designed to look beautiful, instead of just building based on functions!

Innovation #2: Totems - Attracts creatures to it's composition, the more, the better and higher radius (max of those in the same BASELINE radius). Only destruction toggles it, and also adds notable eye appeal as well, increasing with more of them.

{info} - This is a good way to draw creatures to certain areas. But the problem is 'leapfrogging' in order to do such. Still, it's a great step towards getting those  animals to go where you want them to. Use this to really gather all the important creatures into one location, but keep in mind that this is quite subjective. Less appealing areas need considerably more totems for results.

Innovation #3:  Signposts - Makes the dupes much more efficient in acting on low/high priority tasks. Or can be toggled for warning how dangerous an area really is as well, allowing for better safety and project agendas. {Thus, 2 modes: Operations/Safety}

{info} - Believe me, this is quite useful. Combine it with the clothing addition, and you will definitely have an edge, Although the people usually make a beeline for the areas of high priority, they key here is that signs allow for then to pursue areas that are more suited for their advanced specials.

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