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How to make 8-faced prefab?

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I've tried to make 6 and 8 faced prefabs, but failed. Only 1 and 4 faced items work for me.

I saw also ZupaleX's questions, but seems like Klei have not noticed it.

I also had a look at ZupaleX's mod (8-faced fences gates), but have understood that he failed trying to find out the names of animations needed for 8 and 6-faced prefabs. In his mod ZupaleX uses very difficult technique watching for camera state (which is not very good actually).

That is why I am asking again and hoping Klei will notice this question: 

How to make 8-faced and 6-faced prefabs?

see also:


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Oh, just after posting question, noticed that klei updated mod tools and now buildanimation.py contains this code:

        dirs = (re.search("(.*)_up\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_down\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_side\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_left\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_right\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_upside\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_downside\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_upleft\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_upright\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_downleft\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_downright\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_45s\Z", name),
                re.search("(.*)_90s\Z", name))

I've tried these suffixes and they seem to work. Animation decompiler still does not work correctly with 8 and 6-faced animations but it is not critical.

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