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Thermal Update - Some questions

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First of, this update made the game a lot more difficult and funny

i'm only at cycle 30 but i'm having problems with dead bodies/heat and rescue.

1 - When someone die, how do i remove the corpse? Someone died in front of my supercomputer and now i can't use it.

2- Pumping cold oxygen to my computer room is viable?

3- How the "Rescue" mechanics work? I don't know how it happens or how to rescue someone, i already have a cot assigned to that dupe but apparently that's not enough

Edit: 4 - We start with a great amount of seeds to plant our mealwoods but after their natural cycle we don't have anything else to plant, is there a way of making a food supply based on plants between mid-late game?

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The "rescue" requires a medical cot, not a standard one.   Building a memorial should allow you to remove a corpse, and there are multiple ways to cool a computer - extra space around it and Wolframite gas-permable tiles is the most elegant I've seen.   I think just a storage compactor with ice & snow stored in it will work too.

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Plant some blossoms. You can find the seeds by digging out natural tiles with cracks (althoug they don't content seeds every time). After your Bristle Blossoms will grow, Dupes will eat them and drop new seeds. So you are creating a loop of edible berries! But don't forget about fertilzer, in this case this stuff is pretty important. 

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