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Oxygen Not Included AMINO

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So, first of all I wanted to say that I'm new around here and I've always wanted to join Klei Forums, don't ask me why I didn't earlier, maybe I was just bored. Glad to see you all.

By the way. I created a small community like 26 days ago, and now I'm here to publish it, we're like 21 people and I'll be glad if some of you join. But,

What is Amino? Amino is an app avaible on the Play Store, where you can join multiple communities and talk about the community topic there. In fact, there is my ONI Amino, the first and the fastest growing.

In this Amino you can publish posts, start to chat privately or in group, comment others' posts, follow, etc... just like any other social-media app.

I repeat myself, I'll be glad if you join! Have fun. Link: http://aminoapps.com/c/oxygen-not-included-oni

Any questions? Contact me: https://t.me/Fantagreen

Thank you for reading.

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