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[Need help] Novice in modding

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Hello! I'm new in modding custom characters and modding in general so I have little or more likely no knowledge on it whatsoever. I don't know. ._.

Anyway, I really got amazed by the custom characters that other people made and posted here, so I decided to follow some guides and tried to create a character!

I started with my art(I tried really hard to keep it to the don't starve style but it still sucks), then I followed a guide on creating custom characters, so now I'm stuck on the perks bit.

I need help with her perks because I want her to have low sanity and a high sanity_become_insane_thresh and sanity_become_sane_thresh to make her go crazy faster. But I don't know how to put it in her script. I also want her to deal more damage when she's insane, but my lack of knowledge hinders me so. Please help. T ^T I'm reaaally passionate about this mod, because its my very first and I really want to make something that can be seen in a game that I really like.

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