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teletransportation and Dupe mutation!!!

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1. Add a teletransportation pod with two panels: one outgoing and another incoming. This would make moving from one location to another so much easier/faster and also be a really cool new utility!! You could probably add a penalty on Dupes that vomit for example, which would just throw up on the landing.

2. Have the dupes that have Biohazard be able to get infected and mutate when around specific alien creature/s. The mutated dupe would not respond anymore and basically be a threat to the rest. The mutated Dupe would attack and destroy everything on its path. The other dupes would have to initiate in combat against the mutated dupe to secure the colony. THIS WOULD BE SOO COOL!!!    (IF POSSIBLE, Also make the mutated dupe have the ability to spread its mutation to other dupes).


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