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Gas to heat relationships suggestions

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With real life the heat of a room affects how far apart gas particles are and therefore increases pressure.

I suggest that in the game, the diffusion/spreading rate of gas to new areas should be based on heat in a direct relationship. As heat goes up, so does the speed of the gas diffusing. In areas already at max pressure, gasses should start applying extra force to walls making them crack and eventually break

This in turn adds a need to manage heat in your base more as gasses can break through walls.

To accomplish this I believe the developers have to add a way to monitor pressure as compared to the amount in an area (grams) AKA 1000 grams in a block can have 1 atm or 100 atm if overheated. This pressure monitor and heat relationship would also allow more gas to be in a space and therefore making a good system for gas tanks.

This change would affect the need to manage temperature, the use of gas coolers (forgot official name) to store more gas, the speed that gasses spread, and a new way for a base to break up.

Thanks for reading this suggestion!


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