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Just some feedback

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I was excited when I learned about this game, I've watched some guys on YouTube play it and being a fan of "Don't starve" I just needed it.

The start was smooth, basic mechanics are explained and very easy to understand. I've played 3 colonies so far and it's super fun and polished even tho it's early access. I've not experienced any gamebreaking bugs so far which is really nice.

I've come really far with massive water cycles and stuff so I guess I've seen all (so far) content at this point. (20h total played) Might be I missed some things or I didn't understand them as intended by the devs! Or I am simply bad at this game.

Some things I did not like/are not balanced/suggest:

- Maybe I'm blind but byproducts that may or may not be negative in the tooltips would be VERY helpful (for example the electrolyzer creating Hydrogen). Some of them are logical but some are not and it would generally just be helpful. Maybe an extra research for expanded tooltips

- Algae Terrarium

  • the boost from light is barely visible and not worth (bugged?)
  • they should produce algae (at a very slow rate) or at least not consume even more, that's just not how algae works and it makes it hard to maintain a balance of ressources

-Plants in general

  • should just as the algae provide small amounts of oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide. Probably a much smaller amount but they should

- Bio Distiller

  • consume way too much slime for the low outcome of algae/contaminated water
  • should generally create more algae and water if the final goal is to have a base that can maintain itself at some point, just think about how much energy it consumes to keep distillers running and all the pumps and purifiers

-Hydrogen generator

  • It just never keeps running, consuming more energy than generating because of all the pumps etc.
  • if working, it's consuming extremly much for the outcome so it's not even worth collecting hydrogen

- Duplicants

  • it's just not worth it getting destructive ones, it would be helpful if they at least lost most of their stress after destroying something
  • decor expectation is somehow very hard to get up in most areas, resulting in me never picking any Dup above -5, in my experience it was just a waste of space early (more space = more oxygen needed) and simply no space left later.
  • They vomit. They step in the water. They get more stressed. The other one vomits. Until every Dup is on 100% stress and I just can't handle them anymore
  • If they shower the "stepped in contaminated water" effect does not go away, shouldn't it? (since this would be the solution to my problem above)
  • It would be nice if the "mopped" water could be dropped, maybe into a water storage (at the moment I am using floor tiles as large water tanks)
  • There should be an option to send Dups back instead of having to kill them (maybe sending one back instead getting a new one whenever it's ready)

- Gas pump

  • except for experimenting with the hydrogen generator I've never really needed that stuff so far. I don't touch chlorine, I create bell rooms for Hydrogen and sinks for carbon dioxide. Gas permable tiles do the job. Why waste energy for pumps while you can just use the gas' density?

I guess ways to deal with chlorine are about to come, just as taming animals for farming purposes. I love that the game is not easy, I don't like that there is no way we can just explore and expand (where we might fail and have to go back) while the probably small main base keeps going by itself, even after hours of farming and building.
Anyways, I love the game, it's a lot of fun and I'm super hyped for more content. I'd recommend it.


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