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Chairs and Benches

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Chairs and Benches:

Chairs and Benches are supposedly a "stress reliever" and calms down dupes by a tiny bit. (Example: -1 per 3 seconds)

It can be made out of different materials, worst being less quality and takes longer to calm dupes down and best being the superior quality and is quicker to calm dupes down.

The dupes that can "sleep out of nowhere" have a higher chance of sleeping on the bench/chair, making it un-usable if its a bench because the dupe sleeping on it is "hogging" all of the space.

The bench can be used as an sleeping space, but may cause stress if it is low quality or cold spaces due to having no covers.

Hope this suggestion helps this magnificent creation of a game. (Take my compliment, dammit!)



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34 minutes ago, Kael_Rus said:

I think your -1s/3sec is a bit too much. As even the massage table only does -.07/s. Your suggestion would equal -.33/s

As i quoted (see the thing underlined):


(EXAMPLE: -1 per 3 seconds)

It may of been too much, even for a example, but still.

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5 minutes ago, Kael_Rus said:

So let's hammer it out. Personally I think anything above -.02/s too much.

True, but i didn't actually know that massage tables are -0.7/s, and a most likely good guess for a bench/chair would be -0.01/sec to -0.035/sec, depending on the material and quality. Get my jist?

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