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ONI - Feedback and Questions

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Good Afternoon ONI Developers,

I have a list of things on my mind.

1.) Would you please make the Duplicants care about their own lives. Many times Duplicants have isolated themselves below or on the wrong side of a build and dig. They suffocated, drowned, walked into the water, and I am sure they will do more. If Duplicants must not care about their own lives compared to doing their job, would you make that a character trait for a specific group of them. Ex: (Name: Craz) Crazs are known to die doing what they love. What does life mean to them if they cannot complete their work... Nothing. I feel so bad everytime they decide to die willingly and stupidly when it isn't intentional... Or is it?

2.) Will you please give some video or better description on how to properly plumber with water and gas pipes. Too much variety, very confusing, and if you finally do figure it out, then something is overpressurized or powered but things still work; Just not efficiently? If no video is acceptable because this doesn't promote challenge, then what about marking things red if pipes are not properly connected the absolute professional way.

3.) The Hydrogen Generator. Maybe I did it wrong, but do you really need another power source for the output pump to even pump in Hydrogen... Or was that a bug/incorrect placement/I did not install it correctly?

4.) What is the chlorine gas for? Unless the chlorine will be made relevant after your future updates.

5.) Can you make Bleachstone more available in all random craters. I am lucky to find one buried so far away I have no ambition to receive it. I may have found 2 on one map before... I felt blessed. If all I need is one, then would you please have the color stand out a little more, or the design of the rock. Wayyyyyy too hard to find.

6. The wire bridge. May have been a bug but it allows you to prep being installed and connected to other wires. Once built and installed properly it hides in the back as if an actual background you can do nothing with; so no power circuits through it and wires are left idly hanging. You can however deconstruct it.

7. A better instruction guide on how to properly install all machinery as well as a little bit more detail on all machinery please. I am not sure about this one :)


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8.) What exactly is the heat machinery, vents, pipes for? I understand it is to filter and regulate heat but I have had no indication of overheating. Unless heat brings about much unwanted Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide, what does too much heat do? It would be cool if it did bring that about or even better, it would start melting things/machines/wires/vents in the pressurized room or non-pressurized rooms which would make a huge threat and problem. It could even just be its own problem of too much heat, even a perfect room full of oxygen would cause heat stroke. If there is a deadly plan to have too much heat, I have not been able to experience this sadly.

9.) Gas Permeable Tile. I really like and appreciate this idea. Would you consider making a "Water Permeable Tile?" Same thing only reversed. Some pockets have water and gas trapped within them.

10.) Please give better instruction for the Liquid Pipe especially, as you now know, Plumbing is my weakness in this game. I really could cry.

11.) I love the studying capabilities. I just found the diamond like rock on my third day of playing ONI - which I do love. It is Granite; Since this material has a Diamond strength of 80- which is what the game said-, could the Duplicants study up on how to better mine? Maybe even study on how to combat more effectively, so on and so on? Especially if you will be adding more monsters and challenges. I do not always receive monsters nor cute little creatures that eat gas from slime. I know this is Alpha so I am looking forward to the end.

12.) I love your decorations. May we have more decorations or decoration design abilities... such as color?

13.) Water. Sometimes the random map generated for you has a lot of water, and sometimes there is not enough water. Since we will always need water for food can there be a water to create water... since this is space and you may hold competitions or have people showcase their colony home to see how long they last and can last. I may be going to far with this. :)

14.) Plants. There are not enough plants to use potting plants for decorations. Can there be plants for decoration not edible but then can multiple maybe three times, or give you seeds, so you can grow plants and decrease stress?

15.) Food. Will food become more efficient and effective to make. More than 2 or 3 chooses of food to produce. Less water to make, healthier, some that promote rest or relaxation?

These are just my ideas, I am very happy with the game so far except for # 1. That gets to a person. I had to keep reloading. All in all this is a great game mentally, emotionally, and I appreciate your hard efforts for this. I look forward to seeing your future works.


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