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Increasing Decor Requirements?

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, or something that's occurred with the update, or just generally an aspect of the game:

When loading my game recently I discovered that while I had intentionally been choosing Duplicants with low decor expectations (Really, anything below zero), suddenly at cycle 76 they're all in the 45 to 50 range? It appears to cap at 50, but I'm essentially having problems keeping them unstressed any time they work outside of the main area of the base.  Does anyone know if this is intentional as they raise levels, or a glitch? I had decorated early and as I went through, so I hadn't noticed requirements raising over time if that's the case.

Seriously, I might have killed them off a little more liberally if I'd realize how much vomiting would result from Duplicants getting stressed out any time an area dropped below 50 decor at higher levels. It makes it almost impossible to dig for the resources needed to keep them going.  

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Firstly, the dupes' decor expectation will grow as they get higher ability.

In early versions, when I reach 300+ cycles, their decor expe reaches even 130+.

but in the game update 208196(2/27), the decor expectation has been capped to a max value, which is not pointed but can be seen as 50.


There is all things I know about the decor. 50 is a moderate value, I think. You may try to make your home more comfortable.

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