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Suggestions for Digging and UI Feedback

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This is just some initial feedback after playing a few runs.

1) Digging is punishing.  I don't know if this was designed to be this way, but it is very time consuming and annoying.  The digging itself is okay, but when you dig away material you're left with a bunch of unbreathable gas, which makes it really hard to progress anywhere.  This means that if your starting area spawns not that great, you can't really opt to "move" somewhere more ideal.  I think we really need "oxygen suits" or "oxygen lines" (similar to Astroneer?).  Something that will allow people to dig more freely.  Additionally, the cleaning up of all the material that you mine away is also really annoying.

2) Going off of that last bit, I think we need some sort of "mine cart" or rail system where you can easily transport stuff back to your base when you're mining.  Right now sweep orders take a long time to complete, and they're quite boring in terms of interactivity.

3) In terms of the UI, it looks fairly clean right now and I'm sure it will be stylized a bit more before full release.  However, I think the materials that you use to build stuff need to be a bit more transparent in what they offer.  For example, I had a colony once where I built a trough below a big glut of contaminated water so that it would fall into the trough and then the Liquid Pump I built there could transport it to my septic tank.  However, when I dug into the contaminated water, it filled the trough, but also somehow leaked to the rooms below.  I had tiled everything using sandstone up until that point.  I'm still not sure if it's because sandstone lets liquid seep through, or if I had let the door open for a split second too long.  I think it's cool that you might want to build stuff out of different materials, but I think you need to be more transparent in what those materials impart on the things you make.  Do pipes made of sandstone leak?  There isn't really any obvious message or way to tell what's happening, so it feels kind of random and turns you off the game.

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