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Water and Air Consevation and Reuse

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I have played the game a few times and have gotten quit good at getting a population of 20+. This I have found comes with the draw back of leading to not having enough water to sustain food or oxygen. I felt a lot of spare water was wasted when my duplicates  mop up contaminated water from vomit and piss (the kind peed on the floor).  A water disposal site like a Sink where the duplicates could place this contaminated water, mopped up in the form of Bottled Contaminated Water that I could then pipe to a water storage site would be a improvement. Also there is no way in game to get water from gas, a dehumidifier that pulls water from the air or a water maker that make it by combining hydrogen and oxygen would both be great additions.

These two additions makes seance in two ways.

One in a enclosed environment like a bio-dome, space station, or your colony in game every spare bit of water is used and reused. Fresh water is cooked with and drank, turning it to gray water. Then the gray water is used to flush, clean and take showers, turning it to black/contaminated water. Lastly black water is used to water plants like algae to turn back into gray water. Further filtration can be done to Gray water to turn it to fresh water on a need to have bases. While, "lost water" ,the water we or plants consume and comes out as breath or sweat can be retrieved from the air by condensation with a Dehumidifier. Making a conservation of mass cycle.

Two this makes for good research and game prorogation. Start with no research (Outhouse). Tear one research being able to Move Water (Liquid Pipe, Liquid Pipe Bridge, Liquid Pump, Liquid Valve, Liquid Vent). Tear two divide into Water Use (Lavatory, Shower, and Sink.) and Water Filtration, (Water Purifier, Bio Distiller, Electrolyzer, Dehumidifier). Tear three would be Water saving (Compost Lavatory, Sonic Shower, and Hand Sanitizer) and Advanced Flirtation (Mesh Tile, Air Scrubber, Water Filter, and Gas Converter).  Things like, Apothecary, Rejuvenator, Gas Filter and  Manual Airlock, that are now on the water research line could be moved. Apothecary, and Rejuvenator could be moved to a medical research line or stay in the water line and be there own branch in the line. Manual Airlock could be moved to the decor line. Gas Filter could be move to the gas line. The idea of filtration of water through plants could be added as a Tear two  and Tear three research of the food line in the form of an Algae Filtration Plot and Advanced Algae Filtration Plot.

The new Items would work like this.

Sink: Would be a place to wash hands and dump Bottled Contaminate Water. It would have water intake and water output connections. the water coming out would always be contaminated water.

Dehumidifier: Would pull in surrounding gas and put out contaminated water. It would have  power input and a water output connections. It would out put the same gas as it pulled in and always put out contaminated water.

Gas Converter: Would take in hydrogen and oxygen and out put water. It would have power input, hydrogen intake(gas intake), oxygen intake(gas intake), and water output. It would put out clean water and put out Chlorine.

Compost Lavatory: Would use less water then the lavatory, and some dirt and output fertilizer. It would have a water input and out put connections. it would need dirt deposit from the duplicates rarely, and would put out fertilizer and contaminated water.

Sonic Shower: Would use vary little water and power to clean duplicates. It would have power input, water input, and water out put. it would be loud and cause stress to duplicates or wake them if sleeping. it would put out contaminated water.

The Algae Filtration Plot: Would take in contaminated water, and carbon dioxide  and make oxygen and water. it would have power input, water input and output connections. it would pull in carbon dioxide and out put oxygen and would not need refills of algae as it would be growing it instead. A Tear three advancement of this would also produce an edible algae cake, but would need a dirt or fertilizer deposit from the duplicates to produce this. 

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