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Pump liquid/ gas input/output

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The pump liquid should have input and output. To be able to build: 
input intake >> pipe >> pump >> pipe >> output intake. 
You can to build a pump outside the room where you want to draw gases / liquids.
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No need for inputs and outputs being different structures. The same one can be used for both. It just matters if it's attached to more pump inputs or more outputs and pressure of the opening area which way it flows. But just one vent and one grate.

* Vent is connected to 2 operating pump's inputs, and also one operating pump's output. It's in an environment of 500g/tile O2. It will suck in O2 because there's more suction than there is pressure pushing out. However, the two other pumps will also be drawing from the third pump's output so won't suck up as much O2 as they would otherwise.

* Vent is connected to 1 pump output. In an environment of 50kg/tile phosphorus. Even though the only pump goes outward, pumps only push with a pressure of about 1.5kg/tile, so most of the pipe actually gets filled up with phsophorus as it primarily acts as an intake in the face of such immense pressure.

* Vent connects to another vent, no pumps involved. In this case, gas would move from the higher to the lower pressure rooms.

* Vent is connected to one input pump and one output pump, in environment of 2000g/tile of chlorine. The input pump will draw about 4/7 of its input from the vent (the chlorine) and about 3/7 from the output pump, since an output is max 1.5kg/tile. (This is a simplistic rule that doesn't quite match actual pressure but you get the idea)

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