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[Suggestion] Forbid

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Most games of the village management genre have the ability to mark items on ground (and sometimes buildings/workshops) as forbidden.  This disallows all interaction between the villagers and that item.  It would be nice to have that here.  Three examples in ONI:

1) Forbid resources in Hatch area so the dupes don't load it back into storages.

2) Forbid bodies in Morb spawning area so the dupes don't unintentionally bury them.

3) Forbid slime in Puft areas so they continue to have something to eat. 

And, in general, forbid anything you don't want your dupes messing with right now.  All these have workarounds in the current game, but it requires that you make the area unreachable which is tedious to repeatedly do and undo.

Thanks for reading!

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